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Dillon County School District Four

Dillon, South Carolina

Paula Yohe has earned a reputation - a great reputation - across South Carolina and beyond as a very progressive school technology expert. That technology expertise led to one of her latest endeavors - signing up for fully-managed data service solutions from Level Data, Inc.

Technology Directors like Yohe are quickly learning more about Level Data's superior, flexible solutions.

"I don't believe in people having to hand-enter data in multiple places," Yohe said. "I never did, long before SIF® (Schools Interoperability Framework). But we used to do a lot of manual imports and exports out of our systems, and it was very time consuming. So SIF was a great alternative when it came out, but there were always certain things I couldn't do. For example I couldn't write specific data that I wanted back into PowerSchool, but Level Data was able to automate that process for me.

"I discovered that Level Data was able to provide that service to get the information that I needed for at least five programs, mostly instructional, that don't have SIF agents. This stuff just works. I don't have breakdowns in the system, the guys at Level Data are fabulous to work with, and one of the things I really like is they were former PowerSchool people. They understand PowerSchool, which is fabulous for our district, because they've even been able to give me some ideas - I like to push the envelope."

Dillon School District Four, where Yohe serves as Director of Technology and Information Systems, recently went through a merger with another district and with Level Data's system in place the automated data transfers were completed quickly and were assured of accuracy across all systems. Even before the merger, Yohe shielded classroom teachers and school office support staff from data management tasks giving them the maximum time to serve students.

"We already had a lot of business rules in place of how we entry data, what I call our district standards," Yohe said. "But Level Data has a fabulous paper trail in the background that even further clarifies the business processes. It reduces the time my staff has to deal with our programs."

Yohe said at least eight IT staff hours per week is saved using Level Data's Managed Service, "which allows us to provide additional services to our end users. We're able to get to any problems, questions, issues that they have. We can get to their needs a whole lot quicker, whether it's a crashed computer in a classroom or teacher software training or service."